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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Partial Success and Total Party Kills

I've been, yet again, on a Dungeon World kick lately. I discovered and quickly fell in love with the game last Summer and came back to it recently. In the past month or so I've ran two Dungeon World one-shots and have plans for many, many more. In short, it's the game I've been seeking for a long time when it comes to fighting dragons and exploring dungeons.

Now, that doesn't mean I still don't have love for D&D (4e, 0e, whatever edition strikes your fancy) or even Barbarians of Lemuria, I do. Great love. But for now at least, Dungeon World is my jam.

A few weeks back I was perusing Netflix bored, as I am often wont to do, and happened across a pretty fantastic (both in terms of quality and genre) film I'd not seen in awhile: Beowulf. Now, wherever you stand on the whole mo-cap debate is fine, it's largely irrelevant. What matters here is that this big screen adaptation was penned by Neil Gaiman and does a great job of making the Beowulf saga a cohesive story. As much as I love the tale of Beowulf in written form, accessible it is not. The film very much is.

So having just picked up and consumed Grim World, a Dungeon World dark fantasy supplement, I was inspired to use some lessons learned to stat up old Grendel himself.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Barbarian's Vault

It is no secret that I've been working on (and extolling) the virtues of one of my favorite table-top RPGs recently both on here and on Twitter; Barbarians of Lemuria.

I've been getting things together to run my "Great Campaign," and in the interrim I've been messing around with the system a little more. Drawing from the plethora of BoL-inspired games, as well as the Mythic Edition playtest. Great stuff all around.
While toying with it, I came up with an interesting character concept that draws heavily from The Elder Scrolls' lore, namely soul-trapping and soul gems, but with a twist.

As such, I've created an item that utilizes this concept, as well as a sample spell using BoL's free-form magic system that I've discussed at length in the last power. See more about it after the break.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Barbarians of Lemuria and the Great Campaign

I've been extolling the virtues of Barbarians of Lemuria, or BoL, for quite a long time now. It's a fantastic rules light game system that handles pulp incredibly well. While the main rule-set is for some Conan-esque swords and sorcery fun, it's been ported to handle 1980s action movies, pirates and the high seas, traditional high fantasy, Greek myths and tales, noir pulp, and the post apocalypse. Essentially, it's a very versatile system. This forum post, describes the game and system in pretty great detail.

Now that I've talked about the system and its flexibility and versatility, let's jump into the meat and bones of it.